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Alexandria Sharpe has performed most recently with the
Irish Singing Sensation Celtic Woman.
At the end of the  “Songs From the Heart” tour in May of 2010, she decided to take a break to be with her family in Ireland.

Most American fans came to know Alex through her association with Celtic Woman. Actually, this has was a very small portion of the body of work she has accumulated. Much of Alex’s career has been  in theater. Therefore, I have divided the site into three main sections with regards to her time on stage. The first section is about her time in musical theater. The next is her time with Celtic Woman. The third deals with her music on stage other than with Celtic Woman. I am certain that many visitors are here to see the Celtic Woman sections.  I would urge you to spend time visiting  the theater and music sections carefully. You will find that Alex is not just a vocalist. She is an accomplished actress with amazing vocal talent.


Alex has commented on how much she has enjoyed meeting
her fans after the Celtic Woman shows.
The primary mission of this site is to let Alex know
that she is appreciated by those very fans.